Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Be A Great Guest Course

  • 2

    Getting Ready to Pitch

    • Targeting the Right Podcasts to Get On

    • Email Template for Pitching Podcast

    • Email Pitch Template

    • How to Subscribe, Rate and Review

    • Components of a Media One Sheet

    • Samples of Media One-Sheets

  • 3

    Pre Show Preparation

    • Equipment and Tech Needed for Your Interview

    • Equipment and Applications Needed for Your Interview

    • Promoting Your Interview

    • Examples of ways to promote your interview

    • Get to Know Your M.O.M.

    • M.O.M.

    • Your Call To Action and Landing Page

    • Access to Landing Page Sample

  • 4

    Day of Interview Prep

    • Getting Tech Ready on Recording Day

    • Podcast Recording Day Checklist

    • Getting You and Your Message Fine Tuned for Interview

    • How to Sell By NOT Selling

  • 5

    Post Show Preparation

    • Post Interview Follow Up

    • Follow up email template

  • 6

    BONUS (This is BIG News)

    • BONUS!